About me


Commonly known as founder of KakiDIY in the Maker & Startup Community or 'DIYKing' in the automotive world in Malaysia

I'm a hardcore DIY enthusiast. Started to DIY and make things since young; mainly to make and modify my own toys. Eventually put my DIY skills into building my first DIY computer business at the age of 19 to help fund my studies. Also loves Photography, Crazy over Cars and Gadgets. From the skill sets harnessed from being a Maker and DIY experiences, I managed to convert all my passion into action and with some entrepreneurial magic, make them work for me.



Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Computer Science Degree from USM - University of Science, Malaysia


Diploma in Computer Science

Computer Science Diploma from Disted-Stamford College, Penang


Programme Director

First joined in 2013 as Vice President of Innovation looking into incubating and building internal startups. Moved to the TIME International team from 2015 to take on ASEAN business development role.

TIME dotCom Berhad
KakiDIY Dot Com


Started the KakiDIY online platform in 2014 to spread my passion to others. Later grown into a community and movement managing makerspaces like MakerLab and KakiRepair movements.

Assistant Vice President

Joined YTL on 2010 to work on the first Malaysian 4G network launch as AVP of User Experience. After the launch, moved to be AVP of Marketing on the student and education segment.

YTL Communications (Yes4G)
Dell Computers

Senior Manager

Served 8 years in Dell climbing the corporate ladder from a junior staff to team leader. Was selected to be moved to China for business expansion and later moved back to manage the entire Asia Pacific content development team.